LA Weave Extensions in Perth


The LA Weave is a revolutionary new method of hair extensions, which can be fitted in under an hour. More and more clients are opting for the LA weave over other methods as it is so easy to look after and you can achieve a thick full head of hair which is only fitted on 2 rows rather than all over the head like the individual strand methods.

The LA Weave isn’t braided in like the traditional weave, which is only really suitable for Afro-Caribbean hair, and is not recommended for Caucasian hair due to it being fitted so tightly and causing tension on fine European hair.

It is also quite bulky due to the braids. The LA weave is different and better because it is simply sewn to a row of micro rings that are fitted comfortably and it also lays nice and flat.

You can still tie your hair up without it being visible and it is the kindest extension method to your hair. We use Beauty Works hair for the LA Weave, and this hair can last for 6-9 months.



No matter what Hair Extensions you have installed, it is good to remember that maintenance is key. The more you take care of your hair the better it looks.

When brushing your hair, the best type to use is a detangling brush, it is the best for removing dead strands of hair and it ensures the LA Weave does not get distributed and the Micro Rings do not get pulled out.

Treating your extensions with care means you can have it looking good for longer. Brushing your hair from the tip whilst holding on to the weft means you can prevent your hair from tugging, which can leave both your extensions and your hair very vulnerable.



After you have had your extension consultation you will be given a quotation detailing the cost of your extensions to create the look and feel you want. You’re then more than welcome to book in your appointment for a future date should you wish, or simply take the quotation away and have a think about things. A 50% deposit is required on booking.

Colour testing (for clients possibly needing our professional colour services alongside their hair extensions services)


We respectfully request that anyone wishing to visit for a consultation pre arrange this in advance, this is because our focus is not only on giving you longer, thicker, great-looking hair, but also on all aspects of hair safety.

We therefore need to see all potential clients for a 30 minute in-depth free consultation. 


On the day of your appointment, shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo to strip away any oils or build up. Rinse and repeat. Do not use any conditioner or apply any styling products! Also make sure your hair is completely dry and brushed out when you get to the salon.


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